#1 1958 Keeping Up with the Joneses


1959 The New Girl
Wadded up newspapers have replaced the jock strap's former inhabitants...the Family Jewels.


1959 The Image Builder
Like the tumble dung beetle, Man rolls his own dung ball.


1959 Untitled
Soon all America will feel the bite, and America is no more… even the biting teeth will have bit the dust


1960 Prognosis, Grave

This painting does not portray the United States of 50 years ago – then the most powerful, charitable, and blessed by God nation that has ever existed in the history of the world.

                  This painting was a view of today’s God-rejecting United States, wracked by division, political correctness, plagued by incontinence.

                  A silly, guilt-ridden nation, no longer feared by its enemies or respected by its allies.

                  America’s prognosis? …Grave.


1960 Waltz of the Blind Ass
When your leader is blind, careful where you put your nose.


1960 Just Another Windy Night at the Circus
Inside a circus tent that is being whipped to a frenzy by a howling wind, a dead matador lies in state


1961 Give Us Barabbas

(Natural man will always choose darkness over light.)

                  The world is portrayed as a pre-WWII carnival midway where the side show performances never lived up to what was displayed on the advertising banners.

                  Russia in 1961 was considered the No. 1 menace facing the world. This painting pointed to a time when the greatest menace would not be Russia, but the United Nations. This Godless vehicle is paving the way for a one world government. The dreaded Antichrist will come out of this demonic organization.

                  Banners proudly proclaim the U.N. as the shining knight on a white horse, bringing justice and peace to the world. Today, hatred against Israel is most evident in this agency designed to see that all countries are treated fairly. God views this evil group as bare-assed, pompous scum, destined to usher in the most horrible form of totalitarian government the world has ever known or ever will.

                  The entrance to the United Nations’ stage is a coffin-shaped ticket booth. An old cadaver in the booth, hands frozen in death, grips a wooden dove on a pole. A wooden dove with revolving wings used to be an old time carnival favorite. They made a lot of noise and just went around in circles, as does the United Nations.

                  On stage are the Antichrist and the False Prophet, who will head the demonic end-time church. These two will present to the world peace, prosperity and bringing man together in one family through a one world government – and poor Man will think Utopia has arrived! This false Christ will be totally possessed by Satan; his crown forms a satanic face, topped by an upside down cross.

                  The stage, shaped like a whale, is Leviathan, the satanic sea monster. Below the transparent stage are unclean spirits beckoning the unwary into a bottomless pit. They slip off the edge, willingly, anxiously, even smiling, to their destruction.

                  In the clearing is a Salvation Army couple, symbolic of Born Again believers. The couple has three working eyes between themselves. They are the only people whose eyes have pupils, indicating spiritual sight. It's another way of saying even the most spiritual possess partial vision. The Antichrist and False Prophet are also portrayed with only three eyes, indicating that even Satan did not have full knowledge of God's work.

                  Quickly proceeding down the row of stages we have other issues that are a far cry from the '60s. Government vultures incessantly legislating, regulating and confiscating until today it has become a fight for survival. Unprotected sex in the '60s, today the message is quite different. The appealing, sophisticated glamour of tobacco and alcohol in the '60s, the same tobacco and alcohol as seen today. Hollywood, the land of pompous pomposity, in reality is a big zero (shown as a hole in the stage). Turning furiously, two midway rides press in on the crowd. One ride addresses the seven-year Tribulation Period, the other atomic War – depicted as explosions emanating from the rear end of the carousel horses. Then our sacred cows – sports, children, etc. From above, God peers down on this lively scene.


1961 The Last Supper

                  Who would have guessed 53 years ago the United States Government would be hopelessly in debt, owing the unimaginable…Trillions – an insurmountable debt.

                  Washington, as usual, turns to the Taxpayer, deceitfully implying, “This is the only solution.” How does America’s story end? The goose that laid the golden egg, the American Taxpayer, lies dying on a crumpled American flag, covered with blood-sucking ticks. The ticks call out for more blood, but only so much was available.

                  It’s evening time…the earth is eroded and barren. Silhouetted by the setting sun is a cemetery… America is dying.

                  SIDEBAR: When Obama, our Muslim President, leaves office, the debt will be 20 trillion dollars, with unfunded liabilities over 100 trillion. Now, if you owed a debt and said, “I will pay you in a million seconds,” the debt would be paid in 12 days… if a billion seconds, the debt would be paid in 32 days… if a trillion seconds, 9 years would be required… but 20 trillion, a 100 trillion, America hasn’t a chance… goodbye goose.


1964 Manhattan Hoe Down

                  In 1964, the very idea of a violent attack on NYC, killing thousands, was akin to the ravings of a lunatic. Try as you may with today’s mindset, you can’t begin to understand how utterly preposterous this idea was. But on 9-11 it happened.

                  Cascading down and over Manhattan’s stately skyline and into the picture are the instantly recognized eleven (11) signature notes from Chopin’s Funeral March. Eleven (11) is also the numeric symbol of disorder and disintegration.

                  Exiting at the bottom of the painting, these notes – now painted as skulls – sound a different melody, that of wailing sirens, as Manhattan’s skyscrapers are bent over by a massive explosion.

                  Above the circle of dancing demons, Man can be seen wandering, head down and aimless, through a dying world portrayed as a cemetery, often more interested in watching his dog defecate than events unfolding around him. Now, speaking of dogs: Dogs, man’s best friends, have always served as watchmen. Sometimes they bark, sometimes they do other things.

                  Manhattan in the early 1960s was beset by legions of partially clad little watchmen defecating and urinating nonstop on streets and sidewalks already awash in feces (Disorder & Disintegration). With each call of nature, they were sounding a warning – only this time they weren’t barking! In the foreground, two (2) dogs have trumpets protruding from their blow holes. Notice the human faces, watchmen, sounding the warning. The trumpets’ sound rises and falls on the scale, imitating the sound of wailing sirens. Below them, a massive explosion pushes NYC’s skyline to the side. The symbolic significance of the number two (2) is division: light or darkness, perfection or disorder, good or evil. Good if the warning had been acknowledged… destruction and ruin when it was not.

                  In Biblical times, watchmen stood guard through the night on the city’s wall, trumpets at ready, to warn its people of approaching danger. If they didn’t heed the watchman’s warning, his hands then would be free of their blood. Manhattan’s dogs did their best to warn a sleeping city. Their manner may have been unorthodox, but what they were saying should have been obvious.


1964 Monument to Donkey Dick

                  This painting predicts a second major attack on NYC. Nothing newsworthy about that, except it was painted 50 years ago. Fifty years ago, this was considered, as I’ve already pointed out, just the ravings of a lunatic.

                  The undamaged Empire State Building and its neighbors resemble cemetery monuments, cold, lifeless, detached from the dimly lit background where confusion reigns. Human heads on dogs’ bodies snarl amongst overturned garbage cans. Law and order has ceased to exist. Headless chickens run in circles… Enough words: let the visual speak.

                  This time it will not be a massive explosion on the order of 9/11, but what one would expect following detonation of a dirty bomb or an insidious chemical or biological attack.


1964 Better Get It Right…

This painting should be rotated to understand the upside-down world we live in.

                  One view, an open grave, opens into an infinite dimension of light and beauty. This is where God wants us to “End Up”.

                  Now, rotate the painting in the other direction. We see Man, with a sack of dung for a head, laboring up a dunghill mountain to disappear up Satan’s ass, into the darkness of Hell. It’s your choice where you “End Up”.


Like I said, you’d better get it right!


1964 Portrait of a Fool

                  The mighty American eagle of yesterday, dead, moldering, stands broken under a sea of tombstones, replaced by stupid, brain dead chickens running toward the United Nations, a cesspool of occult elitists and anti-Semitic, anti-America Muslim scum, with admitted terrorists on their payroll, who hate the United States and Israel and what we stand for. Why are we, the American taxpayers, paying over 1/5th of their staggering budget?

                  The United Nations is armed with a diabolic agenda, designed by Satan, to enslave Earth’s inhabitants. Rising up out of the symbol of America, the bald eagle, is a tombstoneengraved with a chimera, a creature of complex evil and the root word for fool, the United States of today – a nation rushing into the New World Order as fast as the globalist-controlled mainstream media and the socialistic politicians of Washington can accomplish.

                  Today we are a country whose populous is uninformed and unconcerned that its God-given constitution is methodically and secretly being replaced with a 50-page United Nations document titled A Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

                  Your privileges and liberties will be but a memory in a living nightmare of martial law and blood. Your blood and your children’s blood will flow like floodwaters during the reign of a United Nations tyrannical World Dictator, the Antichrist, who will usher in the most horrible form of totalitarian government the world has ever known, you are to be part of it, with death your constant companion. Seven years after the Antichrist comes to power, 2/3rd of mankind will have perished.

                  The United Nations Building, visible on the horizon, is encased in a transparent outhouse. The American flag is draped in the outhouse's dung pit. Atomic war and destruction loom behind. Above, in the clouds, curious angels peer down at the unfolding drama – the destruction of America. After NYC is destroyed, this organization will move to the Middle East.


1965 Work Hard and Save Your Money
                  Why do skulls appear to be grinning and mummies laugh uproariously? Are these transmissions from another dimension where truth and light prevail, where past dreams and hopes are now a laughing matter? That pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow – that pot we chased so faithfully down here – was nothing but a chamber pot, and it was empty at that.


1965 At Calvary, Satan Bought the Farm


1965 Untitled


1965 Cowboy Love


1965 A Tough Row to Hoe


1966 Juggle, Juggler, Juggle
A self-portrait...Ah, Love. Another train wreck.


1966 Censors Have a Ball

                  In the latter half of 1965, painting #13, titled Portrait of a Fool, was to bedisplayed at a newly opened junior college in Southern Arizona, Cochise College. The work was only up a few hours until the College's president, Dr. William Harwood, along with the president of the Governing Board, attorney Martin Gentry, and fellow board members Charlie Bloomquist and wife declared the paintings “unfit for young eyes” and ordered it removed.

                  A controversy erupted, with a majority of the professors, staff, and students demanding the painting be returned to the exhibit. After several days, the president and board issued an edict: “Get in step with us if you want your contract renewed next year.”

                  In the face of this threat (that was carried out), only six courageous professors boldly stood fast for the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, Freedom of Expression. As the pressure increased, other professors and staff cowardly rolled over and bared their asses baboon-style to a third-rate president and a hayseed governing board. Had a majority stood fast, the president and board would have been the ones looking for a new job. Instead, these pretentious asses were allowed to take a promising new college with a beautiful campus and turn it into a faded bouquet of old, dried flowers that is slowly turning into dust.

                  The painting? Why, I see a horse that’s been castrated lying on a barren, eroded landscape… see on the horizon a cemetery.

                  The cartoon? Now, I want to be nice, and I’ll try, but this is what I see: the grinning jackass sitting on the outhouse shithole is the “man” himself, William Harwood, president of Cochise College, busy cutting out P.C. holes in the shit paper, and there’s Pog Gentry, hayseed attorney, wiping his ass with a finger that slipped into his hole of gentry.

                  The faces? Why, that’s old Blinky Bloomquist, wearing a necklace of castrated balls, and next to him is Pog Gentry with a necklace of balls, and there’s Ole Lady Bloomquist with a necklace of… And it’s old Pog Gentry again, and next to him is the grinning ass Hardwood and Ole Lady Bloomquist and Blinky… and on and on, like scum, they bubble, circle, and float to the top, and always leave this world a bigger shithole than they found it.

                  At the bottom left hand corner of the painting, under the dripping blood from the castrating knife, appear the names of the six professors who stood fast for academic freedom – yes, guaranteed by the First Amendment – and were fired: James Corbett, June Lubker, Helen Silverthorne, Barbara Seale, Tom Cooper, and Thomas Minkler.


1970 War in Heaven

                  This painting examines the age old conflict that began with the fall of Lucifer and has continued for over 6,000 years.

                  The large center canvas addresses various subtleties in a painterly fashion. The cartoons, four smaller canvasses on each side of the large canvas, are the backbone of this work. Each cartoon scene depicts a major pivotal point in the conflict between God and Satan.       

                  Top Canvas, left side, pivotal point no. 1: Sin enters into Satan. Pridefully, he sees himself as equal to God. Symbols and Theomatic (value of numbers) carry the three Heaven scenes.

                  Top Canvas, right side, pivotal point no. 2: Satan leads a rebellion in Heaven.

                  Top Canvas, left side, second line, pivotal point no. 3: God now declares war on Satan and his angels. The next scene depicts an unknown period of time, from the beginning of Satan’s rebellion until…Next scene, pivotal point no. 4, shows a world without form, or void, leading to the seven days of creation. Each succeeding scene is a pivotal point in this conflict.

                  Bottom Canvas, right side: The story ends with a tranquil view of Heaven. Peace is restored; spears become pruning hooks. From envy to honor, the nations of earth now turn toward Jerusalem, seeking wisdom. From Death to Resurrection, the perpetuity of the Davidic Kingdom is established. Peace at last.

                  As you scan the cartoons, notice, after the fall in the garden (apple), color is deleted, instead only black and white, indicating Man lost a higher dimension at the fall.


1970 Behold, the White Horse

                  "...and I looked, and behold a White Horse." This period is known as Daniel's 70 weeks. It will open with the Antichrist, who will be extremely charismatic, attractive and beguiling, signing a seven-year treaty with the Government of Israel. This is a false peace that will bring the earth to the edge of annihilation. From the time this treaty is signed, less than seven years will remain of this age. It is stated in Matt. 24:21-22: "For there will be great persecution such as the world has never before seen in all its history, and will never see again. In fact, unless those days are shortened, all mankind will perish. But they will be shortened for the sake of God's chosen people, the Jew. Prophecies of the Bible warn that this is the generation that will face the greatest spiritual challenge since the creation of mankind in the Garden of Eden 6,000 years ago.

                  A painting’s composition is consciously planned, but as it progresses, many changes and corrections will purposely occur. But there is another side of this coin, when strange “things” mysteriously manifest themselves. I’ve learned to expect and not question these happenings in my work even when, as in this case, it took center stage in this painting. One day I noticed this large globe-like object rushing out of the darkness, filled with seemingly unrelated objects, from a galloping red horse to space ships, dying soldiers, etc. I knew I had added an important component to the painting, but had no idea what it could mean.

                  Now, 40 years later, the meaning has become obvious. This is Marduk, rushing in from outer space.

                  What/who is Marduk?* This is a giant planet that was revered as a god by the ancients, who considered its approach to earth as a sign of upheavals, great change, and a new era. As Marduk approaches earth, ETs appear in their spaceships, claiming Marduk as their celestial home. Instead, they have materialized from another dimension – Hell. Every word they utter will be to deceive, kill, and take mankind back to Hell with them.


The Zodiac... By God!

                  The name "Zodiac" comes from the Hebrew root "Zodi," meaning the way or path. The Zodiac found in Denderak, Egypt, was copied from a Zodiac originally designed approximately 5,000 years before, and was based on the position of the planetary bodies at that time. The pristine Zodiac was a Gospel story drawn in the heavens, foretelling a coming Redeemer, His struggle with Satan, death and resurrection, and even the Redeemed’s journey to Heaven. On earth today, the most unique mystery is the zodiac, involving theology, astronomy, astrology and history. At the dawn of time, before the primeval world existed, the constellations were readied to proclaim the Sacred Scriptures.

                  The first corruption of the Zodiac signs was introduced by the Babylonians. Today the mythological Greek figures have become so entrenched one could not change them and still have a recognizable Zodiac. Yet the root meanings of the signs and stars’ names remain the same!

                  To quote from Albertus Magnus's De Universo, in the Zodiac "...we find the primordial record and testimony of the way of God to us, and our way back to God. It is written in the heavens, to be seen and read by all."


1997 Day of Trumpets

                  The Bible warns about the coming day of wrath, when God will unleash the overwhelming power of Heaven against the evils of unrepentant man. That man will look up into the heavens, fainting from fear and expectations of things coming upon the world. There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars and upon the earth, dismay among the nations. The Trumpet Judgments, also known as the day of the Lord, will be so terrible that Heaven will fall silent for one-half hour. Even the angels are struck speechless at the unprecedented devastation that will be unleashed upon the earth.

                  If a large planetary body with a strong gravitational field were to pass through our solar system, it would have profound effects on all mankind. Today, astronomers view with great interest the evidence of scars on Mars and Venus, the torching of Mercury's surface, the cooling, contracting sun, its strange, non-variable spin rate...The list is extensive and the apologists of gradualism are hard pressed to explain these things in non-catastrophic terms.

                  Once this 12th planet, a smoldering Brown Dwarf, is authoritatively sighted, the Great Tribulation will be upon us! The Bible states, falling from the sky will be fire, hail mingled with blood. “A third of the earth was burned” – set on fire and charred by what falls from the sky. Try to imagine every third tree on earth becoming a charred cinder.

                  At the sounding of the Second Trumpet, what looked like a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea...,"destroying one-third of all shipping and one-third of all creatures that live in the sea.

                  At the sounding of the Third Trumpet, "There fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp...falling upon the earth." This poisonous star is called Wormwood (absinthe), a bitter, intoxicating and poisonous herb that causes convulsions, paralysis and death. The Bible further states, "...and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter."

                  At the Fourth Trumpet, the sun, moon and stars are one-third obscured, making the day's gloominess and the darkness of the night still darker. Gravitational tidal forces will cause earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt, even the oceans will reach for the heavens. The earth, it is said, "shall reel to and fro like a drunkard." Likewise, the earth's axial spin will also be affected. "And it shall come to pass on that day there shall be no light – uncommonly shall it freeze and there shall be one day, known to the Lord, which shall be neither day or night, when at eve-time there shall be light." Days will be altered from 24 hours to 16 hours. Even the sun is to appear in a new location.

                  In addition to the devastation caused by this monster planet, estimated by some to be 40 times as massive as Jupiter, God will allow the dimensional fabric between Heaven and Hell to be torn asunder.

                  The Fifth Trumpet releases the mysterious, malignant tenants of the fiery abyss – “and He opened the well pit of the abyss” – and there came out smoke, as smoke of a giant furnace, and out of smoky blackness proceed living things, horrible in shape, malignant in disposition, armed with power to afflict and torment men's bodies. John calls them locusts, but they are supernatural, infernal, not like earthly locusts but winged creatures with teeth like lions; they neither eat nor can be killed. "And in these days men shall seek death, and they shall not find it, and they shall fervently desire to die, and death fleeth from them."

                  At the Sixth Trumpet, the world is now in a state of demon worship, spiritualism, revival of idolatry, murder and sorcery. Lewdness and dishonesty are rampant. Demons, invisible evil spiritual beings that have a vicious and pernicious penchant to interfere in the affairs of mankind, are now given free reign to possess men. Josephus states the orthodox Jewish opinion that demons are none other than the immortal spirits of the wicked dead. With very few exceptions, early Christian fathers were of a like opinion.

                  And now the four angels, war lords of the spirits of wickedness in the aerial region, now bound in the region of the Euphrates, the primeval river, the abode of evil spirits, are loosened, allowing their death-dealing cavalry to overrun the earth. No one will doubt the reality of hell any more – hell has come to earth!

                  Trumpet #7: "For the great day of His wrath has come." (Rev. 6:17). Christ will now execute judgment and take possession of a world that is in a covenant with Hell to overthrow the authority and throne of God. The Antichrist's army is destroyed, as is the 200 million man army from the east (Orient), rivers of blood four feet deep course through the Valley of Jehoshaphat (possibly floodwaters turned red by the blood of the slain). Satan will be defeated. The Antichrist and false prophet are thrown into the lake of fire. The world will go into 1,000 years of peace under Christ's rule, known as the Millennial Kingdom.

                  Evidence indicates the planets were delivered, in pairs, on an Ecliptic Plane, into an orbit around the sun by a gigantic planetary mass. When this planet returns, let's call it the 12th Planet or Marduk (it is known by 34 different names), it will realign any planet that gets in its path and could bring a new package of planets and/or space debris, dropping them off in the inner solar system. As the 12th Planet rounds the sun, now experiencing a mid-size nova, on its return to outer space, a new era of Earth's history has arrived, the Kingdom Age. Limited in time to 1,000 years, its purpose is to provide a transitional period between human government and eternity. Jesus Christ will rule the nations with absolute sovereignty, enforcing divine law and order. The earth will be restored to its original, curse-free state and war will be abolished.

                  During the Millennium, both mortal and immortal residents will be living on earth, working and interacting with each other. Mortal man's life span will increase to 800-900 years as it was in the Antediluvian Period. Only those opposed to God's Word will die prematurely.

                  At the end of the Millennium Period, a heavenly city, clean, pure and as bright as a transparent icicle, is seen "...coming down out of heaven from God and has its place above the tops of mountains." It is called New Jerusalem and is described in minute detail, from its size, materials used, who created it – even its location. New Jerusalem will be an earth satellite in stationary orbit over Jerusalem that the nations of earth will walk by its light, etc.

                  The Millennium is not the end of the world, but the beginning of eternity.


1997 The Man From Hell

                  The Antichrist is mentioned in scriptures as the rider of the white horse, carrying a bow but no arrows, which symbolizes a man of peace. In his bid for world domination, he will be supported by a United World Church, which later he will utterly destroy. Before the Seven Year Tribulation begins, the Asian Soviet states and their Arab allies attack Israel; they will be supernaturally defeated by God. The Antichrist now makes a seven-year peace agreement between the Western World and Israel, guaranteeing Israel peace and security. However, the prophet Isaiah warns he (the Antichrist) will betray the Jews. Isaiah 28:14-15 states, "You have made a covenant with Death and will Hell." Daniel 9:27 also confirms this betrayal.

                  By the middle of the Tribulation period, or three and a half years after he becomes leader of the Western World, the Antichrist will receive a mortal wound to his head. Raised from the dead by Satan, his body now fully possessed by Satan, he declares himself to be God. The False Prophet will demand all mankind must take the Mark of the Beast, the Antichrist, or perish. This mark is more insidious than any tattoo or implanted chip. It will contain Satan’s DNA, with the promise of financial benefits and eternal life. In all creation, only Man enjoys the supreme honor of being created in the image of God, which infuriates Satan’s pride. By taking his DNA, Man will become a hybrid creature, a chimera, eternally separated from God and condemned to Hell for eternity. Others will resist the mark and are slain. They will go immediately into the presence of God. As the world begins to come apart, death is preferable to life on a plague-ridden earth. Five billion people are to die during these seven years.

                  There will also be a time of intense supernatural miracles. Elijah and Moses, old Old Testament prophets, shall return to earth. They will prophesize of the coming Judgment, will possess terrible power and are able to perform miracles. Nothing can harm them, until they have completed their testimony. When their work is finished, they will be overcome by the Antichrist and slain. For three and a half days, their corpses shall lay in the streets of Jerusalem, on view for the entire world to watch. This was prophesied over 2,000 years before television. After three and a half days, they shall stand on their feet and be caught up into Heaven. On that same hour, the world begins to rock, as if in the throes of dissolution. The end of this age will have arrived! 


1998 Return of Marduk

                  Marduk, a monster planet with a mass approximately four percent of that of the sun, is approaching planet earth on the ecliptic plane. The planet will be used by God as an instrument of His wrath, fulfilling end time prophecies called that Great and Very Terrible Day of the Lord. One should understand God can micro-manage and He can also utilize the laws of physics.

                  Today, Marduk, a smoldering Brown Dwarf or failed star, is referred to by no less than 34 different names. It has even been called the UPS Delivery Man by Donald Patten because of the planets it has delivered into orbit around the Sun in the past. To the ancient Sumerians, it was known as Nibiru; the Babylonians called this monster planet Marduk, symbolized as the winged globe. Marduk's tremendous gravitational field will again cause enormous devastation on earth, mirroring events spelled out in great detail in the scriptures, when God's judgment is poured out upon an unbelieving and wicked world.

                  Modern man has become blind to catastrophism while blindly embracing the uninformitarianism concept of earth history. Yet the proof of catastrophism lies beneath our feet – a vast sedimentary graveyard of compressed and carbonized forest of bones and shells, mastodons frozen in ice with undigested food in their stomachs, their flesh still edible.

                  The return of Marduk is imminent and with it will come a devastation of unbelievable horror. God states unless these days are cut short, man would be totally annihilated.



1998 Return of the Nephilims

Hebrew. Means "the fallen ones"

Powerful race of people known as the Annunaki, which means "Those who from heaven to earth came."

Zechariah Sitchin
ncient cultures had contact with the human race in modern idiom, we would refer to these extraterrestrials as ETs.

Gen. 6
Documents fallen angels mating with daughters of men. Their offspring were "mighty men of renown" and very evil.


                  God must destroy all mankind, except Noah's uncontaminated family, because the human genetic design had been compromised.

                  The root of Nephilim means "the dead." Some authorities believe what we call demons are not the evil or fallen angels, but the result of this union between these fallen angels and earth women.

                  Again, spiritual emissaries en force, masquerading as extraterrestrials, will soon appear, as it was in the days of Noah, "with all power and signs of lying wonders." This massive hoax was characterized by Jesus Christ as the overwhelming deception that will occur in the end time. Everywhere evidence mounts – the world is being made ready for their return.


1998 The Marduk Encounter Oil

                  At the sounding of the 4th Trumpet, man will be scorched by a Great Heat. Yet the sun will be obscured, giving only a third of its light. It is said in Rev. 16:9 that mankind still will not repent, but will blaspheme the name of God, who has power over these plagues. In the darkness, "They gnawed their tongues in pain." Again we see a correlation between end time prophecies known as that Terrible Day of the Lord and a giant planet entering our solar system, exerting massivegravitational forces, causing volcanoes to erupt, filling the skies with debris, even causing a mid-size nova of the sun.

                  In an outstanding book by Donald W. Patten and Samuel R. Windsor, The Recent Organization of the Solar System, a compelling case is made that the sun will experience a mid-size nova three days before this giant planet passes its perihelion. Evidence abounds in the solar system that this has happened in the past and will again.


1998 The Last Day Oil

                  At this very moment, an enormous planet, on an elongated orbit, that will have a profound effect on mankind steadily winds its way toward earth. Today there are scientists and researchers, both Christian and secular, who believe this to be true. Mathematical evidence reveals, sensed through the orbits of certain comets and the perturbations in the outermost planets, an unseen body atleast the size of Jupiter is out there with an estimated 1,800-year orbit of the sun. Biblical and Mesopotamian sources present strong evidence this orbital period is 3,600 years. Central to the religious beliefs and astronomy of the ancient world was the conviction that this planet, called by them Marduk or Nibiru (today frequently referred to as the 12th Planet, Planet X, or the Death Planet), remained within the solar system and that it returned periodically to earth’s vicinity. The rulers of Sumer, Akkad, Babylon and even up to the time of the Egyptians all revered this great traveler of the heavens, depicted as a winged globe, and considered its periodical nearing as a sign of upheavals, great change and a new era.

                  The level of destruction from this interplanetary passover will be unimaginable. Scriptures state even the angels are struck speechless at the unprecedented devastation that will be unleashed upon earth. Billions are to die.

                  The Greek word “σεισμὸζ” is used to describe the violent disturbances on earth that will extend beyond the atmosphere, even into the heavenly regions. Isaiah 34:4 states, “The heavens above will melt away and disappear just like a rolled-up scroll, and the stars will fall as leaves…” Rev. 6:14: “The sky vanished like a scroll that is rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.”

                  This massive planet is a smoldering Brown Dwarf, or failed star. It will be the instrument God will use to execute judgment on this earth, a judgment that is even now at our door … even now!


1998 Can't ANYBODY… Hear the Horses! Oil

                  The White Horse, first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, signifies a fake peace that introduces the most horrific period in the history of the world: the Tribulation period.

                  Heralding the approaching white horse are the worthless politicians, their fat bellies smeared with gravy, crying "Peace, peace," and there is no peace. Instead, peace grows more distant, daily.

                  Today as never before, nations are rising up against nations. Civil wars are exploding with a murderous hate as citizens slaughter each other while vengeance permeates the earth.

                  The sword the second Horseman (the Red Horse) carries is called μαχαιρα μεγαλη. This is not an ordinary sword of war, but one having the power of life and death, of public execution. It is the rampage of human passions raging to all forms of bloodshed until the earth itself is bathed red with blood.

                  With war and bloody strife comes scarcityand famine in the form of the Black Horse.

                  Although the Four Horsemen follow each other, it is not a case where the action of one ceases and the next comes into play. Instead, their careers overlap each other and their doings run side by side with each other.

                  The last of the Horsemen will be the Pale Horse, deathly green and cadaverous. Χλωρος translates: a leprous color, the color of putrefying flesh, the color of a corpse. Pestilence and plagues, the multiplication of noxious creatures – the world is now overrun by legions of the dead. Cities become open graves, the dead too numerous for the living to bury, as over 5 billion perish. Hundreds of millions more will be injured and maimed. Isaiah 5:14 teaches that even Hell must be enlarged to accommodate the lost dead.


1999 Return of the Evil Ones Oil

                  God's creatures were created "free moral agents." When Satan put his own will in opposition to the Will of God and said, "I will be like the most high," he introduced treason into the universe. By persuading others to follow him, he introduced evil into the universe.

                  The angels, in eons past, who followed Lucifer in the original rebellion against the Government of God, are known as the Satans. The word "Satan" means the evil adversary of both God and Man.

                  Another later fall of angels occurred during the Antediluvian period. These were called "Nephilims / Watchers." Their sin and downfall occurred when they took earth women as wives. (Gen. 6:1-4)

                  This union produced the Gibboruims/Demons whose physical bodies were destroyed at the time of the Flood. They continuously seek to re-embody themselves through possessions and genetic engineering.

                  It should be noted thatanother group of angels, a majority in fact, are doing the bidding of the Most High God ("angel"means messenger of God) and always appear as normal men in both the Old and New Testament.

                  In the past, language completely lacked a technical vocabulary. Flying machines and their operators were called Angels, Thrones, and even a Flying House. In today's technical age, we call them Extraterrestrials and Unidentified Flying Objects. As the present age draws to a close, the earth will become flooded with UFOs and extraterrestrials. According to scriptures, they will use lying signs and wonders to draw people away from God. Being from the realm of darkness, they have occult power and are able to interject evil thoughts into the human mind.

So subtle will be their methods, the scripture states, if it were possible, they would deceive the very elect. Always protect yourself by testing the doctrines of extraterrestrials.

                  I John 4:3 states, “Every spirit that acknowledges Jesus Christ as having come incarnate is from God, whereas every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God; it is the Spirit of the Antichrist.”

                  In two of my earlier paintings, titled "War in Heaven" © 1970 and "Behold the White Horse" © 1970, angels and extraterrestrials were painted as one and the same.


1999 Out of the Abyss Oil

                  At the sounding of the 5th trumpet, a horrible judgment is unleashed upon the earth. Demonic spirits from the abyss, spirits that are so vile they have been chained there for centuries, are set free. This great multitude of strange and evil things from the Bottomless Pit will strike terror in the hearts of men as they pour forth "like smoke from a great furnace that darkens the sun and air.” They have been given the power to torment the unrepentant inhabitants of earth for five months "with the power of scorpions that striketh a man."

                  "In these days men who have taken the mark of the beast, in agony, will seek death and shall not find it, and desire to die and death shall flee from them." The scriptures further state these mysterious, malignant demons of the abyss have a king, whose name is Apollyon, which means the destroyer.

                  Hell has now come to earth.


1999 A New Face on the Same Old Whore Oil

                  During the first half of the Tribulation Period, paganism and spiritual idolatry will reach their peak as Church and State unite. This combination of political and religious power, overwhelmingly dominated by two evil individuals, is the terrifying scenario the world will soon face. This religious system, the Endtime World Church, is referred to in scriptures as "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS, THE ABOMINATION OF THE EARTH."

                  To understand this mystery, one must go back to the beginning, near the landing of the Ark, to Bab-el or Babylon, in the land of Shinar, when mankind was of one language and one speech. From this point in time did all false systems, worships and perversions of the word of God begin.

                  Desiring to abolish God, Nimrod, whom it is said did not fear to withstand God to his very face, proclaimed his wife Semiramis as head priestess of an idolatrous system of religious rituals, known as the Babylonian Mysteries. This became the fountainhead and mother of every pagan system since. Semiramis was known as the dove goddess and worshiped as the queen of heaven. Her son, according to tradition, was killed and resurrected from the dead after 40 days. This mother-son cult promoted salvation by sprinkling holy water, ceremonial cleansing and purgatorial cleansing after death.

                  Wherever man has settled, they have kept reproducing the likeness of this original mother. Goddess worship has always been the focal point of apostasy. A partial list of goddesses men have worshiped would include Karnaim, Ishtar, Ashtaroth, Astarte, Isis, Diana, and the ultimate, monstrous endtime deception, the Virgin Mary. The real Mary was blessed among women as the mother of Jesus and has had no part in the idolatry and abominations that have been, and will be, committed in her name!

                  After the defeat of Babylon by the Medo-Persian Empire, the cult surfaced in Pergamos of Asia Minor under the name Etruscan Mysteries, eventually headquartered in Rome. The chief priests wore miters shaped like the head of a fish in honor of Dagon, the fish god. InRome the chief priest took the title Pontifex Maximus. When Julius Caesar became head of Rome, he took the same title, later adopted by the Bishop of Rome.

                  When Constantine made Christianity a state religion, he combined paganism with Christianity, obscuring the true meaning of the scriptures.

                  It is important to note the Great Harlot is not Papal Rome only; myriad of God's true people have been martyred by this false system, which can be seen as organized alienation from God, long before there was a Rome.

                  The False Prophet, as head of the Endtime World Church, will be headquartered in Rome. He will ultimately deceive the world by drawing on the religious expectations of Christians, Jews and Muslims. These three groups are anxiously and with an increased sense of anticipation awaiting their respective saviors.

                  The involvement of Mary in the False Prophet's program is crucial on another level Mary is the only bridge between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. A little known fact: Mary is mentioned 34 times in the Koran. It is also interesting that Catholic legend of miracles has provided Mary with the name Our Lady of Fatima. Islamic lore requires the Moslem Savior to be a descendant of Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed.

                  Satan will perform miracles that will be attributed to Mary. These miracles will involve great signs and wonders to seduce, if it were possible, even the very elect. Her presence will be seen as a goddess intervening in human affairs. In virtually every case where individuals are receiving communiqués from Mary, the one constant is the imminent chastisement of the planet because of the sins of man; that the earth will bestruck by calamities, plagues and famine...that my Immaculate Heart is the only refuge and the way to God and salvation… Behold, I solemnly tell you that man-made disasters shall occur simultaneously with natural disasters, economic collapse, one world government...the Ball of Redemption that shall descend from the atmosphere to earth and shall be from Heaven, etc. – the list is endless and grows daily. What every one of these messages teach is during the earth's "chastisement, " Mary will be present with her followers to help them survive; of course, this is a lie. The current Pope believes that Mary will be the supernatural agent of God's intervention in these last days, an instrument of divine providence. The ironic thing is these demonically "channeled" messages from Mary predicting the entire world will soon find itself in the Tribulation Period are true. Man will suddenly find himself in a catastrophic world dominated by miraculous moves from a goddess figure named Mary.

                  Jesus Christ taught the “Christian” Church would eventually grow into a monstrosity and degenerate into a state of total apostasy. The Harlot, Ecclesiastical Babylon, is described by John as riding a scarlet colored beast, Political Babylon. The depravity of the whore is seen in her unholy alliance with the despicable political ruler, the Anti-Christ. This close relationship between the world's religions and the beast'sgovernment is seen in scriptures as a woman in an intimate interaction with government as she rides the beast. To put it coarsely, the Lord sees her as a whore with her legs wrapped around the Anti-Christ. Having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornications, she will not tolerate competition from other religious beliefs. Drunk with human blood only inflames her insatiable lust for more violence and savagery as she attempts to destroy all recognition of Christ.

                  This persecution will be against Tribulation believers in Jesus Christ, who will be martyred on a worldwide scale.


2000 Blind Sheep, Easy, Easy Meat Oil

“First they came

for the socialists, and I did

not speak out – because I was

not a socialist. Then they came for

the trade unionists, and I did not

speak out – because I was not a trade

unionist. Then they came for the

Jews, and I did not speak out –

because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me –

and there was no one left

to speak for me…”

— M. Neimoller

Printed on both sides, the following material is attached to this painting in such a manner that it can be removed, one sheet at a time, by any viewers who would like to have a copy. Sir William Blackstone’s famous Commentations on Law, 1766, states that when man’s laws contradict God’s laws, they are not valid. Sadly, the America of today not only contradicts God’s laws, but has banished both Him and His laws. In the past, America was blessed above all nations with freedom, liberty and prosperity. Alan Keyes has succinctly put into perspective America’s plight: “We have pursued selfish pleasures of material gratification at the expense of our national soul, fostering the growing strength of evil in the world.” If we do not return to our roots, anchored in God’s principles, all will soon be lost. Days of such profound evil are coming upon this earth that Scriptures state, “It will be a time like there never was or ever shall be.”


This quote from Pastor Martin Neimoller is not removable, but attached permanently to the painting.


2000 Forgotten Roots Oil

            On September 6, 1774, the British Army attacks Boston. Congress responded by making their first official act a call to prayer!

            While serving as President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, the least religious of our Founding Fathers, proposed the Bible he used as one of the main textbooks in the District of Columbia’s curriculum.

            For over 150 years, Sir William Blackstone’s Commentaries on Law was used by the courts, the U.S. Senate, and the law schools of Harvard, Yale and Princeton. His famous Commentaries on Law, written in 1766, opens with a careful study of the law of God as revealed in the Bible. In Volume One, he states, “No human laws should be allowed to contradict the Holy Scriptures.”

            When asked to comment on the Revolutionary War, George Washington said, “The hand of Providence has been so conspicuous in all this that he must be worse than an infidel and more than wicked that has no gratitude enough to acknowledge this obligation.”

            Noah Webster, who helped author the United States Constitution, stated, “The Bible is the correct source for republican principles.”

            The fact is, America was founded as a Christian Nation by the Founding Fathers and early settlers, who clearly believed government was ordained by God In less than 250 years, America has forgotten her first love. Playing the Harlot, she has gone out a-whoring after false gods. Today God is unappreciated, vilified and treated with scorn. His mighty works, miracles and blessings on America’s behalf are forgotten.

            In Psalms 9:17, God makes it clear what happens to nations that turn their backs on Him. “The wicked shall be sent away to hell; This is the fate of all nations that forget God.”

            In Luke 10:13, 15, God unbraids three cities by the names of Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum. “Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! (Woe to you, America!) For if the mighty works done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago.” … ”And you people of Capernaum (America), what shall I say about you? Will you be exalted to heaven? No, you shall be brought down to hell.”

            Today as America’s foundation crumbles around us, judgment is at our door. America is to be burnt, ground into dust, and divided into 10 parts. Is there an escape? Yes, II Chronicles 7:14, but realistically it won’t happen. How tragic for the little ones alive today in America.


2000 Co-Main Event: Gog vs. God Oil

                  Having decisively defeated, once and for all, its idiotic Muslim neighbors, Israel at last will be enjoying a time of peace and prosperity… and then, out of the north, here comes Russia.

                  Israel, a tiny nation, outnumbered and without a single ally, will be facing a Soviet-Islamic confederation of crazed lunatics, armed to the teeth with nuclear and chemical weapons, bent on but one thing – the complete and utter destruction of Israel and its people.

                  Unfortunately for these Jew haters, they have not taken into account the God of Israel loves this country and His people. When this mighty confederacy reaches Israel’s borders, God states, “My fury will come up in My Face.” Divine anger is something modern man cannot contemplate, but will soon have firsthand knowledge as he witnesses the greatest military disaster in history. Today we’d say, “This time He’s really pissed off.”

                  Unfolding with lightning rapidity, over 85% of the invaders die. These deaths will be horrific – bodies consumed away as they stand on their feet, eyes melting out of their sockets… nuclear, chemical, Nature enters the battle with the greatest earthquake of all time and 100 pound hailstones. Confusion reigns as the invaders fight each other. The number of dead are so overwhelming that seven months will be required to bury them. This valley, east of the Dead Sea, in Jordan, will be called Hamon Gog, the valley of the multitude of Russia dead.    


2001 Lecturing the Asses Oil

The following material is attached to the painting and can be removed by the viewer:


2001 Counterfeit Mary, the Drunken Whore Oil

                  At the close of this age, religions will compromise their differences, now happening, and unite into a Corporate World Religion. The Pope of Rome will head this bloodthirsty, merciless, apostate monster comprised of Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, Jews and a multitude of other religions and cults.

                  Arising out of the Corporate Church will be a counterfeit Virgin Mary, the “Queen of Heaven.” This apparition is none other than Satan himself. Performing great miracles, millions are to be deceived. Idolatry, whose major theme is always goddess worship, will be a key component of these last days. Anyone who refuses to worship the beast (Antichrist) will be put to death. This brutal, final religious order during the Tribulation Period will become drunk with the blood of those who have accepted God’s gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. (See John 3:16.)


2002 The Jig Is Up Oil
                  War, famine and death – no more. A land, strewn with pestilence and corpses, drunk on blood will be consumed as God prepares to transform this world to its Pre-Adamic state.


2003 Deception… From Another Dimension Oil

                  A massive Brown Dwarf, on an elongated orbit, that last visited our solar system during the time of Noah is, again, about to make its appearance.

                  Known in ancient Babylon as Marduk, it was depicted as a winged globe: heralding upheavals, great changes, and a new era.

                  Marduk will create astronomical phenomena on a scale unimaginable.

                  As monstrous cosmic events unfold, wicked angels and demons imprisoned in the Abyss now enter our dimension, claiming Marduk as their home planet and Man as their creation. This will be the first of many deceptions used to take you, with them, back to Hell.


2003 seh le’Adonai, Yeshua Oil


2004 Return of the Death Planet Oil

                  The face of Earth that we know today has changed many times. On October 24, 2485 BC, the ancient orbit of Mars brought it within 15,000 miles of Earth, the closest of 170 fly-bys. Due to crustal flexing, the Earth’s crust, wanting to follow Mars, skidded over the hot mantel, coming to a stop between 8 and 12 hours later. Eurasia had moved approximately 2,000 miles to the east; the Alpine-Himalayan Mountains were created by subcrustal tides over 10,000 feet high. A satellite of Mars composed of ice pierced Earth’s Roche Limit at 11,000 miles and fragmented. This is but one small example of a planet that is engulfed by periodical catastrophes. A major player in Earth’s catastrophic history is a brown dwarf, or failed star.

                  With 30 to 40 times the mass of Jupiter, on an elliptical orbit, it periodically enters the inner solar system. To the ancients of Sumer, Akkad and Babylon, this great traveler of the heavens was depicted as a winged globe, whose nearing was a sign of upheavals, great changes and a new era.

                  This unseen but returning monster, with a rotation rate of once in 30 days +/- 10%, does not emit many radio waves. It will become visible at 10 to 15 billion miles and is expected to appear in the zone of Aries. Catastrophism and Old Testament, Donald Patten, Pac, Meridian Publishing Company.

                  Again, planets will be yanked out of their stable orbits as this giant planet approaches the sun, trailing perhaps other planets and space debris; Earth is about to again experience a catastrophic event as was visited on it by Mars on October 24, 2485 BC.


2005 American History: Past, Present, Future Oil


2005 Crossing the Abyss Oil
                  Six thousand years ago, God placed prophetic truths in the stars (Ps. 19:1-6), stating “Night after night, their words go forth. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard, to the ends of the earth.”



2006 Stars: The Antediluvian Bible Oil

                  The constellations were God’s device to teach early man His plan for their redemption. Every book in the Bible has an identical theme to the Zodiac.

                  It takes all 48 constellations to tell the whole story of the conflict between Jesus/Jeshua and Satan, from Virgo, the virgin, to Leo, the lion of the tribe of Judah. David wrote, “The heavens declare the glory of God… Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night showeth knowledge. (Ps. 19:1, 2)

                  Astrology, prognosticating the future, is a Satanic perversion of the ancient truth – a form of idolatry.

                  The following material, attached to the painting, can be removed by the viewer:


2007 A Sunday School Lesson… For Bad Boys Oil
                  The following material (tickets) can be removed by the viewer from a small container attached to the painting, titled: FREE TICKETS TO HEAVEN


2011 God’s Favorite Story, He tells it in all kinds of ways Oil

                  Before the Zodiac was perverted into a fortune telling abomination by Satan, it presented and still does the identical prophecies found in the Old and New Testaments. Now, the newly discovered Bible Codes expand the narrative.

                  This painting takes a Zodiac prophecy, places it next to an Old Testament prophecy that finds its fulfillment in the New Testament, located next to the codes in the painting that adds additional facts or color.

                  The Bible Codes are only found in the Hebrew Masoretic text of the Old Testament. Here is an example: Encoded in Isa. 53, 700 years before the Birth of Jesus (Yeshua ha’ Mashiach), are the names of over 40 individuals associated with the Crucifixion, including a personal observation of Jesus’ Mother. Code: The Blessed Miryan (Mary) trembles, shakes, reels, weeps bitterly (wailing).

                  If you would like additional Bible Code information, sources include books by Yacov A. Rambsel, Jeffrey Satinover, and others.

                  Additional Zodiac sources are books by E.W. Bullinger and Joseph R. Seiss.

2012 God’s Favorite Story, He tells it in all kinds of ways Oil

                  Before the Zodiac was perverted into a fortune telling abomination by Satan, it presented and still does the identical prophecies found in the Old and New Testaments. Now, the newly discovered Bible Codes expand the narrative.

                  This painting takes a Zodiac prophecy, places it next to an Old Testament prophecy that finds its fulfillment in the New Testament, located next to the codes in the painting that adds additional facts or color.

                  The Bible Codes are only found in the Hebrew Masoretic text of the Old Testament. Here is an example: Encoded in Isa. 53, 700 years before the Birth of Jesus (Yeshua ha’ Mashiach), are the names of over 40 individuals associated with the Crucifixion, including a personal observation of Jesus’ Mother. Code: The Blessed Miryan (Mary) trembles, shakes, reels, weeps bitterly (wailing).

                  If you would like additional Bible Code information, sources include books by Yacov A. Rambsel, Jeffrey Satinover, and others.

                  Additional Zodiac sources are books by E.W. Bullinger, Joseph R. Seiss, and others.


2013 Who Would Have Believed It: Turds Brought Forth a King Oil

                  The United States’ death certificate was signed Nov. 6, 2012, when a majority of American voters choose a Muslim for the 2nd time to be their leader.

                  This is exactly what the One World Government elite wanted and exactly what their media, the Mainstream Media, delivered (NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC). Many Americans embrace their historical stupidity as something of an honor. A bitter awakening is coming when they enter the domain of the enlightened ones, ruled by the Antichrist.


2014 That Evening Oil

                  Yes, that evening, all had left; only the dogs were present, licking up the blood.

                  Nailed to the painting’s frame is a blood-smeared note questioning why this was done to a man who had done only good.  

What was the offence of Jesus of Nazareth? To whom did he do any harm? What was wrong with his teaching? What was wrong with his miracles? What was wrong with his acts of kindness? He came to do good, he came to teach, he came to deliver mankind. What reception did he get? Terrible blasphemy and scorn. Why all this hatred, why all this vituperation? There is only one explanation. It is the devil in these men and women.

But let me come right up to date. Why do you think it is a clever thing not to be a Christian? What is wrong with Christianity? What is wrong with this blessed person? What is wrong with his teaching? What is your objection? Why do you think it is clever to reject? Why do you blaspheme it? Why do you pour scorn upon it? What do you hate it?

It is the hatred of the devil that is coming out in you. You cannot produce reasons for your hatred. “And when they had plaited a crown of thorns, they put it upon his head, and a reed in his right hand: and they bowed the knee before him, and mocked him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews! And they spit upon him, and took the reed, and smote him on the head. And after they had mocked him, they led him away to crucify him.

Where are you, expert psychologists? How do you explain that? Here is an innocent man. Nobody can bring any evidence against him. He has done no wrong. Indeed, he has done nothing but good in the world. He came to help people and to teach, but look at the spite, look at the mocking and the spitting and the jeering and the scoffing. What is the matter with them? There is only one answer: these people do not know what they are doing. That is why he prayed on the cross and said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

Would you hate a man like this, a man who has done no harm, and no wrong to anybody at all, a man who was always going about doing good? Would you treat him like this? Would you not make a protest? Would you join the jeering, mocking throng, would you spit upon him there dying upon the cross?

Everybody was pleased, the whole world was delighted. At last they had got him, they had nailed him, they had killed him. He was finished…

Was he? ...

Excerpted from The Cross, 1986, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones


* This celestial object has over 34 aliases.


** “As it were” means “it looked like.”

* Pacific Meridian Publishing Co., Seattle, Wash. 98125

* Capernaum, a town of considerable size and importance, located on the Sea of Galilee’s northwest shore. A witness to many mighty works and miracles; yet cold, prideful and unrepentant. Jesus predicted its complete ruin. Today, even its location within a several-mile radius is unknown. Beware, America.

**Tyre and Sidon, judged and destroyed for their wickedness.